What Does ‘R&B‘ Stand For?

The founder of our company is Mrs Ilse Blockx , accompanied by her husband , Mr Dave Roosen, as a Director. Together we are working as a couple-team , wherefore we had the idea of keeping our company name in line with our personal approach, and decided to use the 2 first letters of our surnames , R and B. Also the logo we created refers to ‘roses’ with small ‘blocks’ in the background, highlighted in the shape of the Croatian shield

What Does ‘Global Projects‘ Stand For?

On behalf of our esteemed clients, the main activity of our company is to handle Projects on a Global scale.

‘Global’ in the widest sense of the word, with a focus on “niche corners” and interesting areas.

‘Projects’ , indicating transport of commodities and cargoes, that require just this special extra and personal attention, both via sea and inland waters, as well as road, rail, and why not, air….

Last but not least, when creating R&B , we also felt this swinging approach… always ready to set about and rolling up our sleeves to get started …Lets Rhythm & Blues!

I hope you will click here to learn more about our activities and the services we are able to offer you.

Hoping to welcome you soon • Kind personal regards

Ilse Blockx & Dave Roosen

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